Case Studies

Adept helps India’s leading steel manufacturer to exercise precise control on its water network, reduce human efforts and achieve automation.

Asia’s largest Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) trusts Adept’s expertise in Water Network Automation.

Water metering without the risk of leakages and pressure drop. Adept helps a leading thermal power plant to achieve it successfully.

A progressive Nagar Parishad (City Council) makes effective use of Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR) from Adept for controlling its water network.

Water management network solutions from Adept for an Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) of leading IT parks.

Proud to be a part of India’s prestigious water distribution project (Sauni Yojana), through the supply of Ultrasonic Flowmeters.

A leading dye manufacturer is able to accurately measure the quantum of slurry flowing under high pressure.

An innovative solution for treating wastewater from hotels in Kochi becomes technically and commercially feasible with the use of our Flowmeter.

India’s premier research laboratory entrusts Adept with the responsibility of setting up Water Meter and Flowmeter Testing and Calibration facility.

A major lift irrigation project in the Vidarbha region required routine measurement of water discharge from the reservoir to achieve equitable distribution.

A premier nuclear research facility in India required a reliable flow measurement solution for its HVAC system.

Asia’s #1 integrated sugar factory wanted reliable solutions for accurate flow measurement of water, sugarcane juice, effluent and spent wash.

Fully satisfied with the performance of our Flowmeters, the world’s largest Ayurvedic and natural healthcare company placed a repeat order for their new requirement.

A residential complex in Pune is empowered with a water metering solution (AMR/AMI) from Adept for equitable water distribution and water accountability.

Nakuru County in Kenya shows the way to develop water accountability among its rural population using our smart meters.

A state water board, one of the largest users of our Smartlit App, leverages its full potential for effective water management.

State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) finds a solution to the challenge of effective water management in Smart Metering from Adept.

Palava City by Lodha, the argest-ever privately planned development in urban India, relies on the smart water metering solution from Adept.

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