Vision, Mission & Policies


To become a globally recognised flow-instrumentation company, enabling organisations and governments to conserve natural resources for future generations.


We develop innovative products and systems for flow measurement which are highly accurate, reliable, maintenance-free and future-ready. We encourage and empower our customers to reduce water consumption, human efforts and operational costs through the use of our advanced technology flow instrumentation solutions.

Quality Policy

We are committed to establish, implement and maintain the management system in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and continually improve its effectiveness.
Our commitment is to exceed the customer’s expectations. We shall always strive to achieve excellence through innovative technology, manufacturing and sale of reliable, cost-effective, quality products and Adept Fluidyne Pvt. Ltd. of international standards. By following eco-friendly and safe working environment in the direction for improving the level of quality and productivity.

EHS Policy

We at Adept Fluidyne Pvt. Ltd. are committed to conserve natural resources, reducing waste and strive hard towards prevention of pollution, ill health and injury.
We ensure that all the activities and processes for manufacturing and service of products are carried-out considering appropriate environmental aspects and impacts, health and safety hazards and risks and in conformance with all relevant compliance obligations requirements.
Adept Fluidyne Pvt. Ltd. has established a continual improvement program that is designed to meet the following objectives.

Identify and update the Safety, Health and Environmental aspects/hazards and impacts/risks associated with our activities and processes.

To minimize waste generation and promote re-use.

To reduce energy consumption.

Periodically arrange training to employees regarding their occupational health & safety.

Fulfil compliance obligation.

To implement and continually improve the Integrated Management System which conforms to the requirements of

ISO 14001 : 2015 and 45001 : 2018

Social Accountability Policy

Adept will comply with all the applicable laws and regulations of India.

Adept will comply with the rules and regulations, including minimum wages, overtime and maximum hours of the State and India for all its employees.

Adept employees have the right to freedom of association and right to collective bargaining as per the laws of the State and India.

No employee shall suffer harassment, physical or mental punishment, or other form of abuse.

Adept would not use child labour and would not hire anyone below the age of 18. Adept would not use forced or compulsory labour.

Adept would not offer or give any Payment, Service, Gift, Entertainment or other advantages to any employee of our customers or third party which are intended to influence the way in which the employees of our customers or third party goes about his/her duty.

All products manufactured and delivered by Adept will meet the quality and safety criteria specified in the relevant contract elements and will be safe for their intended use.

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