Manufacturing Facilities

Design & Development Centre

Our D&D Centre is equipped with the latest design and development tools such as CAD and microprocessor development systems. The experienced and competent team ensures quality and pace of the development process. Apart from new product development, we also help in providing customised solutions for challenging requirements.

Mechanical Manufacturing

We have all the required facilities for machining, fabrication and finishing in-house. This allows us to ensure faster production and exercise precise control on manufacturing accuracy. Additionally, the quality of input material is guaranteed. Achieving greater synchronisation with other production activities is also possible, which helps in executing large orders in the shortest possible time.

Electronics Manufacturing

All PCB designing work is carried out in-house, using advanced softwares. PCB assembly is carried out by highly skilled and trained team, which ensures high level of precision and quality. The PCB assembly section is also equipped with environment chamber and other custom-designed test jigs and fixtures to ensure high quality standards.

Calibration facilities

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