FlowON Water Meter

FlowON Smart Meters for Smart Buildings


FlowON Water Meters are installed at every inlet point. Advanced electronics record each consumption and send it to the cloud software for billing and analysis. Moreover, installing a FlowON Water Meter is a simple cut and paste job – cut the pipe, paste the adaptors and fix the meter at every inlet. 100% automation in meter reading and billing brings 100% fairness and satisfaction in your apartment.

From just 8 digits to data that makes sense to you

Get intelligence and insight on the screen that you love the most – your smartphone. You can view the per inlet consumption, history or even averages. Moreover, you can control water supply from anywhere in the world, in case of a leak. Your first step towards water conservation and a better world for the next generation!

100% Automation that works for you

The advanced platform gives you complete control over your billing process. A simple interface gives you the option to set tariff, and yes, we have thought about slabs and fixed rates too. The dashboard gives the facility managers a complete snapshot of water supply and demand, all in real time. The billing engine generates and sends bills to residents automatically. Didn’t we mention that automation brings peace of mind!

High performance through better materials

FlowON Water Meters have a unique grooved piston within the meter measuring chamber to significantly reduce meter stoppages, enhance durability and improve performance. The co-polymer resin manufactured body enables it to be used in hard water conditions without affecting its performance.

Compliance with international standards

Available in sizes from DN 15 to DN 25, FlowON Water Meters offer brilliant performance in accordance with ISO 4064. The meters are type-tested and certified by FCRI, Palakkad, India, a globally recognised, national certifying authority.

Why FlowON

  • Metering as a service
    We offer water metering as a service, assuring you of lower monthly costs and long term reliability. That’s our commitment.
  • Efficient project execution
    Our experienced and dedicated team of engineers and plumbers work together to make sure that the project is completed on time and to your satisfaction.
  • Proactive support
    Our promise is to ensure that the system works as intended and in case you need help, we offer dedicated support.

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