Life at Adept

Friendly yet disciplined. Productive yet stress-free.
Team performance matters yet individuals shine.

As a team of young, experience, enthusiastic and committed professionals, we have a shared vision and a goal to make Adept the largest Flowmeter manufacturer in India. To turn this ambition in to a reality, we are aware that it requires consistent efforts, hard work, eye for perfection and focus on customers as well as future. And, everyone of us is committed to the cause.
With an average employee age of 30 years, Adept is an equal opportunity employer with nearly 40% women members in our team. We believe in nurturing a work environment which is transparent, friendly yet committed to performance. We encourage each team member to think independently but work cohesively as a team in the best interest of customer and the company. Information passed on accurately and knowledge is shared proactively among the team members. This not only enhances the knowledge of everyone but ensures stress-free yet highly productive working. This makes us a strong team of over 100 members or 100 ADEPTians.
If you love to be an ‘ADEPTian’ being a like-minded person who believe in our philosophy, ethos and work practices and willing to be a part of our ambition, contact us with your resume.

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